Meet Our Executive Director

Welcome to Saco Main Street!


Christmas of 2015 brought our family to Maine for a holiday. Halfway through the trip, at our teenage daughters’ suggestion, our family decided that we were going to shake everything up and move to Maine to be closer to family.  After 30+ years of corporate positions and millions of miles traveled I wanted to connect to the place that I lived. When we first saw Saco, it felt comfortable, like a soft flannel shirt, warm, comforting, and real.


Hearing about my corporate real estate experience, Peg Poulin, our State Farm agent, suggested that I get involved with Saco Main Street and I joined the Board of Directors two months after arriving here. The Executive Director position was filled by an interim director at the time and in February of this year I accepted the position. I love the people and the potential of our town and I wanted to have an impact on its future.


Many new things happened since I took the leadership at Saco Main Street: We have installed 76 US and Maine flags from the Saco River to Thornton Academy, 30 beautifully painted chairs, “Adirondacks on Main,” grace our downtown bringing a new vibrancy and a place for neighbors to meet. This year for the first time we had a summer concert series called “Music in the Park”ing Lot between the Dyer Library and the Saco Museum. We continue the tradition of the Sidewalk Art Festival and the Classic Car Show, the Pumpkin Harvest Fest, and the Parade of Lights with increased attendance, popularity, and interest.


In the future I see a great Saco rising. I see a thriving Main Street with public art, gathering places, more public space, parks and increased access to the Saco River, more food and drink establishments and live music venues.

Main Street is more than an address, it’s a mindset that embraces a strong sense of community based on shared neighborly values. It’s a place where handshakes, smiles, personal greetings and promises still mean something. A healthy Main Street equals a healthy city. We have a great future ahead of us in Saco.

The energy in Saco is apparent and more people want to do something to help it. I can’t go without saying we can always use more volunteer support.  Volunteering for Saco Main Street means having an impact on Saco (your favorite hometown), making connections and meeting new people, while having a lot of fun. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

If you see me just stop me on the street, contact me at 207-286-3546 or email me at


Best regards,


Robert Biggs
Executive Director